Why eWatchLine is a Better Solution

eWatchLine provides an easy-to-use solution for matching against government-provided lists. Subscriptions include: detailed reports of matches accurately categorized by degree of similarity/difference;
statistical reports of matching activity; and a full audit report.

Data Cleansing and Preparation — To maximize matching accuracy and efficiency in spite of discrepancies and inconsistent formats, eWatchLine performs a rigorous data cleansing of both the raw government suspect lists and the organization's data prior to matching. This cleansing includes:

identification of joint names, aliases, and name order
distinguishing between personal and corporate names
standardizing upper and lower case text
parsing pertinent information contained within “care of” and
“attention” lines that might be overlooked
reformatting the data in preparation for matching

Data Linking – The organization's names are matched and compared against government lists, utilizing extensive and powerful heuristic linking technology to go beyond name-only matching to search on address only, or both name and address. This linking technology identifies duplicates despite a wide range of record variances.

Users can easily establish specific criteria that represent the degree of similarity allowable, thereby adjusting the linking granularity to meet their unique business needs, while minimizing or eliminating false-positive matches. (“False positives” represent those records that would not have been flagged for review if a more specific link definition had been employed. For example, false positives include the incorrect linking of “BANK OF BOSTON” to the OFAC record “BANK OF IRAN,” and the linking of “MIRANDA SMITH” to any OFAC record from the country of “IRAN”.) Less sophisticated matching systems are likely to flag these combinations as potential matches, unnecessarily increasing the time and effort required for review. It should also be noted that flagging extra false positives is not an effective strategy for increasing the likely identification of true matches. Without filtering systems that adjust for complex “noise” words and misspellings, the wrong data elements will be used for matching, and valid matches will be missed.

Compliance Portal
eWatchLine can be tailored to permit private branding and to include links to other important information from governmental compliance agencies. In this way, eWatchLine can become a unique compliance “portal” for your organization.

Subscription Flexibility
Users have ultimate subscription flexibility with eWatchLine. Clients can subscribe on a transactional basis, allowing them to pay only for the actual inquiries made. Alternatively, a client can subscribe to a preset number of inquiries for a given time period, e.g., monthly or quarterly.

Management Reports
eWatchLine provides standard audit reports that detail which names were searched, what the return results were and who initiated the inquiry. These reports can be automatically e-mailed to a designated client representative. In this way, managers can determine if an employee is actively using the system as part of their corporate compliance requirements. Additionally, eWatchLine provides the user with a printable report that can serve as the basis for government notification of likely suspects.

User Control of Matching
eWatchLine permits the client to decide how they want to define what constitutes a match — near exact matches only, or broader rules to include other potential suspect names.

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Why eWatchLine is a Better Solution