eWatchLine Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Data Cleansing
Using eWatchLine’s proven technology, rigorous data cleansing, formatting and maintenance are performed on both the raw suspect lists
and customer data as it is entered — saving time and money vs. inhouse processing or other, less sophisticated methodologies.

Powerful, Flexible Linking
eWatchLine’s powerful heuristic matching can find matches despite misspellings, transpositions, missing information, nicknames, and initials. It can also identify duplicates with switched name order, address variations, compound organizational elements, acronyms and abbreviations.

Customer Identification Program (CIP) Capabilities
eWatchLine lets you compare customer identity information against a massive database of more than 20 billion individual and business records to verify that your contacts are who they say they are.

eWatchLine is an easy-to-use, dedicated Web site that can be tailored to meet your organization's requirements.

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