About Innovative Systems
  About Innovative Systems, Inc.

Innovative Systems, Inc. is a world leader in delivering enterprise customer information solutions to organizations whose success depends on a complete and accurate understanding of their customers. The company assists clients with the migration, consolidation and storage of customer-centric data to create a unified view of any customer across the enterprise.

Innovative’s data integration solutions include i/Lytics®, a comprehensive data quality and customer data management solution; i/Lytics Data Profiler™ for data profiling and analysis; i/Lytics SECURE™ and eWatchLine™ for fraud and regulatory compliance; and Synchronos™, a centralized master registry of customer data that ensures accurate and synchronized enterprise customer data management for improved cross-departmental business and compliance decision-making.

Since 1968, enterprise-class companies worldwide have relied on Innovative’s data quality software, systems integration, database solutions and customer data quality audits. Innovative has set the standard for data quality management in thousands of applications in more than 30 countries. Innovative maintains headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with European operations based in London. Representative offices are located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Spain. The Innovative Web site is located at www.innovativesystems.com.

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