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Executive Order 13224:
Signed into law as a response to the September 11 terrorist attacks
Blocks property of and prohibits transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism
Prohibits all financial transactions between U.S. nationals and suspect persons or organizations, as so named in government lists including OFAC
Prohibits assistance, sponsorship or support, financial or otherwise, of suspect persons or organizations, as so named in government lists including OFAC
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Executive Order 13224, signed into law on September 23, 2001, officially prohibits transactions with individuals and groups designated by the United States government to be a threat to the safety, security and economy of our country. The law specifically identifies “the making or receiving of any contributions of funds, goods or services” among the prohibited transactions.

To ensure compliance with this law, non-profit organizations must undertake the burdensome task of checking all associates — including employees, subcontractors, grantees or affiliated organizations — against government-provided lists of individuals and groups suspected of having terrorist ties.

At the forefront of these government-created lists is the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, published by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This growing, 150+ page document — which is updated nearly daily — contains the names and multiple aliases of blocked individuals and organizations.

Manually checking associates against this and other suspect lists requires diligence and valuable time that few non-profits can afford. Instead, many non-profits turn to compliance verification software to provide a solution that is not only more time- and cost-efficient, but can also deliver a higher level of matching accuracy.

How Can eWatchLine Help Non-Profits?

eWatchLine, the online compliance solution from Innovative Systems, was designed with the needs of non-profits such as yours in mind. Save the Children and International Rescue Committee are among the organizations that are already using it to help ensure compliance with Executive Order 13224.

eWatchLine is an interactive Web site that enables you to minimize the risks of unknowingly associating with suspect individuals and organizations. With eWatchLine you can:

Match customers against suspect lists and/or verify their identities in real-time, with immediate results
Achieve an exceptionally high level of matching accuracy, using Innovative's matching technology that has been proven since 1968
Have access to suspect list updates as they become available
Automatically create and manage the due diligence audit trails required by law
Match against an extensive array of suspect lists, including the OFAC list, FBI’s Most Wanted and Fugitive Lists, Interpol’s Most Wanted, the Bureau of Export Administration’s Denied Persons List, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Fugitives List and Do Not Call lists, among others
Much more

eWatchLine also provides optional capabilities for periodic batch comparisons, in addition to ad-hoc, real-time matching.